November 18-December 23

Swedish Christmas Dinner Package


Price per person for a part in a double room.

Experience a Christmas Dinner with a taste of Småland and an overnight stay.

Most of all the Christmas delicacies that are crowded on our appreciated and Småland Christmas dinner at Kalmar Strait are prepared in our kitchen here at Stufvenäs Gästgifveri. Of course, we cook all the classic favorites such as Christmas ham, Jansson’s Frestelse, Swedish meatballs, and pickled herring. With both courage and love for the ingredients, the chefs create new flavors of traditional Christmas recipes. Desserts, Christmas sweets, and self-spiced schnapps. All with the stamp “Made by Stufvenäs”. We also like to buy as much locally produced as we can and label it with “Close by Stufvenäs”. Our own quality label of locally produced food that we have hand-picked to create the best dining experience for you.

After enjoying the good food, you will sleep well in the room. The next day, the breakfast buffet is set before you embark on new adventures.

The package includes: Swedish Fika by Stufvenäs at 3 pm Mulled wine and a Swedish Christmas dinner at 6 pm Accommodation & breakfast buffet A bathrobe to borrow is available in the room. Our cozy slippers are a gift from us that you are welcome to take home!

Room typePrice (per person)
Single room2145 SEK
Doubble room1895 SEK
Country Hotel room1995 SEK
Deluxe room2295 SEK
Suite2545 SEK
Suite with bath and sauna2545 SEK

Check-out at 11 am

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