Sweden's most natural meeting place?

Inspiring conferences near Kalmarsund

Something the last two years have taught us is how valuable the physical encounter is. That is why we are so happy to welcome you to our lovely hotel – with everything from 51 cozy rooms and a newly renovated spa with views of Kalmarsund’s beautiful nature to spacious conference rooms and a first-class restaurant with plenty of space for hundreds of happy guests! It may be a little longer between the chairs and tables for a while, but to be able to sit at inspiring meetings, energetic conferences, and wonderful dinners is an invaluable experience. With us, there are large conference rooms, small meeting rooms, relaxing natural environments, and staff who are always there to give you unforgettable good service! Make a request here!

Conference activities at Stufvenäs

Fill up with energy and creativity by dividing the conference sessions indoors with doing some outdoor activities. Or maybe just have the coffee outdoors or the lunch?

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Meet n'Joy

Start-up, new start, takeoff, restart, or kickoff? You can call it whatever you want, but we have chosen to call it Meet n’Joy.

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The latest technology in our flexible conference rooms

We have a total of 10 conference rooms and 6 group rooms in varying sizes for 1-220 people. All premises are well equipped.

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Choose one of our complete packages

We offer a conference facility in scenic surroundings right next to Kalmarsund. Here are all the opportunities to create a successful and giving meeting. We have various ready-made conference packages that you can book, but we are happy to put together a package after your wishes if that’s the case.

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Business + Pleasure = Bleasure

We strongly believe in the combination of benefit and pleasure. That is why we have created a package for you who are here at a conference. It gives you the opportunity to stay one or more days after the end of the conference with a colleague, friend, or partner.

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Conference fika by Stufvenäs

We know how important coffee is to many people. For all of us who can not think clearly before the first cup of coffee in the morning. Therefore, we make sure that there is always a cup of really good coffee for our conference guests.

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Sustainable water

Our conference department is kranmärkt! This means that we take a stand for a better environment by serving and drinking fresh, healthy, and locally produced tap water from our own well instead of packaged water.

No packaging means no waste, no transport, and no emissions!

Kranmärkt is a national sustainability label for businesses that choose tap water instead of packaged water.

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Now we long for a spring where we can meet and have physical meetings again. We know that safety and security always come first. But we also know that we take our responsibility to reduce the spread of infection and for you to be able to meet safely and securely with us. Above all, we know that we should not underestimate the creativity and joy that arises in the physical encounter between people.

Walk & Talk

We recommend that you do part of the conference outdoors. Many discussions can be made on foot and often we become more creative when we move. Bring your coffee on the walk in our beautiful surroundings along the Nature trail, to Stufvenäseken or Örarevet.

Specialized meals

The food can be served in separate dining rooms if you wish or in the meeting room you have for the day. We have created more space between the tables in our dining rooms to reduce the spread of infection. This applies to breakfast, lunch, and dinner. We also have the opportunity to create a special dining experience outdoors.

Changed cleaning routines

We have extended cleaning routines of public areas with a focus on knobs, handles, buttons, etc. Hand sanitizer in toilets, reception, and public areas. Pens and pads have been collected and stored outside the conference rooms where they are cleaned after each conference. Remote controls and other technical equipment that can be touched are extra cleaned between bookings. We perform extra cleaning of the conference rooms and meeting rooms between the groups and during breaks.

Secluded meetings

Here at Stufvenäs, there are opportunities for completely secluded meetings for your group, both with and without an overnight stay. You can also choose to divide the group into several different rooms at the facility. We try as much as possible to spread our conference groups so that crowding does not occur at coffee, lunch, and dinner.

Stricter rules for employees and suppliers

We apply the Public Health Agency’s guidelines and restrictions. We urge all staff to stay home in case of any signs of illness.

Your own responsibility

Finally, but certainly not least, do not forget to remind participants of their own responsibility to wash their hands, keep their distance and stay home if they are ill.


Ask for more scattered furniture to make it easier to keep your distance. With us, is it possible for certain parts of the meeting to be held outdoors, for example during walking meetings or during coffee breaks?

Overnight stay

If the meeting is overnight, you can state in your booking request that you want to book a single room for all participants as an extra security.

Technology for distance meeting

Of course, there is also the technology to support all types of meetings, such as hybrid meetings where you can choose to participate remotely or on site.


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Late Summer

Summer is not over yet. Enjoy a late summer holiday with us. Don’t miss booking this fantastic package at a great price!

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Champagne & Dinner

A warm welcome to a bubbly and exclusive evening together with Taittinger.

June 9

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