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Meet & Joy

Startup, restart, kickoff, conference, or kickoff? There are many names for this type of corporate trip, but we have chosen to call it Meet & Joy. This is because we believe that creating shared laughter and memorable experiences provides the best conditions for really good meetings.

What's included?

Everything you'll need

Discover the ultimate destination for conferences and kickoffs, where you have fun and enjoy while creating results! Here, you will find a perfect combination of inspiring meeting environments, uplifting activities, soothing relaxation, and food that will make your taste buds rejoice.

And the best part? Stufvenäs’ beautiful nature stretches out in all directions and offers magnificent views from both the dining table and during activities.

Upptäck våra konferenspaket

Are you looking to stay for the day or overnight? Would you prefer to be outside or inside? Whether you are a group of 2 or 142, at Stufvenäs, you can customize your conference to your liking! Not sure of your preferences? Contact us, and we will assist you in creating the perfect conference for your needs.

Meet & Treat

Multi-Day Conference with Endless Possibilities. At Stufvenäs, you can create your very own dream conference with a personalized activity package.

Walk & Talk

Take a walk in our beautiful nature while discussing important issues. We will pack a luxurious snack backpack for you so that you can recharge before heading back again.

Unwind after your meetings

A relaxing moment at Stufvenäs Spa is included for all overnight conference guests. Here you can enjoy warm baths and the pleasant rustle of pine trees after a day filled with meetings and activities.
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Meet & Joy

We call it Meet & Joy for a reason. We strongly believe that you can achieve more with more enjoyment! Therefore, you can choose from a wide range of activities with us. How about champagne tasting? A joint cooking class? Or maybe a workout session in the fresh air?

After Business

A popular activity is our After Business where you can enjoy drinks, a charcuterie board, snacks, and lounge music in our Cocktail Lounge. If you have rented the Stufvenässalen, you can add this after the conference to set the tone for the evening’s dinner. We can also arrange a DJ or other entertainment for the evening if desired. An additional cost applies for After Business.

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Business + Pleasure =


A conference offer for those who want to find a nice mix between family and work life!
Do you want to extend the fun and experience Stufvenäs with your partner or a good friend? With Bleasure, all conference participants receive a 20% discount on any hotel package in connection with the company’s conference. A great way to embrace our motto of combining business with pleasure.
The offer is valid all year round but only in direct connection with a booked conference. Bleasure can only be booked via +46 486-219 00 or

Modern technology and a inspiring environment

Small, medium, or large group? In our modern meeting rooms, you can load up with inspiration and make well-founded decisions.

Here, there are rooms for up to 220 people, but it works just as well to be two. And why not move the discussions to our scenic surroundings for a while? With us, the possibilities are many and the choice is yours.


We care

With us, sustainability is a fundamental principle that permeates our choices of everything from raw materials to decor. Our conference department is, for example, proudly tap water certified, which means we care for the environment by serving fresh, locally produced tap water instead of bottled water. And our coffee is carefully selected for both its taste, cultivation methods, and the working conditions of the coffee growers. Stufvenäs is a conference destination where luxury and responsibility always go hand in hand.

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