activities with us, nearby and a bit further away

See & Do

Here at Stufvenäs Gästgifveri, in addition to enjoying good food and drink, you can take the opportunity to explore the beautiful nature and historic surroundings here next to Kalmar Starit. We offer various activities at or near the facility.

Experience package at Stufvenäs

Animals & Nature

Go on a journey of discovery in our beautiful surroundings. You decide how far and for how long. We have several suggestions for different tours. Book our experience package with a map, binoculars, and coffee backpack.

SEK 295 per person

Book at the reception on 0486-219 00.

Rest & Relax

Enjoy with all your senses. Walk slowly to Stufvenäseken and just let yourself be. Book our experience package with a simple instruction, and coffee backpack. SEK 295 per person Book at the reception on 0486-219 00.

Experience & BIke

Cycle and explore our beautiful surroundings. You decide how far and for how long. We have several suggestions for different tours. Book our experience package with a map, bike, and coffee backpack.

SEK 790 per person

Book at the reception on 0486-219 00.

Seal & Sea

Outside Stufvenäs is the Värnanäs seal protection area. Here is the largest population of harbor seals in the entire Baltic Sea. Hike the Kalmarsund trail about 4 km north to Gransö and look for seals on your own. Book our experience package with a map, binoculars, and coffee backpack.

SEK 295 per person

Book at the reception on 0486-219 00.

At Stufvenäs

Café Brygghuset

Enjoy the summer and jazzy tones in our garden or indoors in our café. Here you will find our talented kitchen team’s pastries and delicacies marked with our own quality label “Made by Stufvenäs”.

Open from 25th of June to 13th of August, every day from 11 am to 5 pm.

Nature Workout

Join us for a workout in nature and get your body moving in the middle of the day. Monday-Sunday at 9.30 am we do a 30-minute workout with a mix of heart rate-raising exercises and strength. The pass is outdoors. Clothes after the weather. The session is led by our skilled spa therapists and no prior knowledge is required. Bring your own water bottle. We meet at the hotel reception. The pass is free for hotel guests and must be pre-booked (and canceled) at the spa reception no later than 6 pm the day before.

Stufvenäs Wine cellar

Welcome down to our cozy wine cellar with its unique history and a solid wine list. Here you can enjoy a good glass of wine before dinner.

Keep an eye out for our open wine tastings together with one of our talented sommeliers.

Stufvenäs Oak tree

Take a walk and experience the magnificent Stufvenäs Oak tree which is about 800 years old. According to the County Administrative Board, the oak is Småland’s second-largest with a perimeter of 9.7 meters.

The path to the oak winds its way through the beautiful deciduous forest and passes several different tree species along the way. There are benches along the path where you can sit down and enjoy nature for a while.

Nature Trail

Our Nature Trail is 1.6 kilometers and has a tricky quiz you can solve on your way. Sometimes there are workout exercises on the poles.

The Edible Country

Taking a seat at this very special table, you’ll find yourself right next to the glittering Kalmar Strait, dining under prestigious oak trees. Just a short distance from Stufvenäs Country Hotel, the table is set in both a scenic and historic setting.

With the sea in sight and one of Sweden’s largest oak trees nearby, you’ll be accompanied by the seabirds’ song and the whisper of the reeds. Taste the flavors of the county of Småland whilst walking among windswept juniper bushes and blooming sloe bushes.

Stufvenäs Spa

There are contrasts and opposites we experience in the world. without darkness there are no lights, without disharmony, there is no harmony. Like the contrast between outside and inside, warm and cold, near and far. So… breath in, breath out, and experience the harmony of contrasts at Stufvenäs Spa.

Spa treatments

Enjoy and relax with a luxurious treatment with our well-trained therapists at Stufvenäs Spa.

We use products from Thalion. Choose between comfortable treatments from head to toe.

Forest Biking

Around Stufvenäs there are a lot of fine, winding forest roads through both coniferous and deciduous forests, which is perfectly suited for forest biking.

We have 10 MTB bikes in various sizes for rent. Contact reception for booking.

Cocktails from Småland

A unique Småland cocktail experience together with friends or family in our outdoor bar at Kalmar Strait. Here you can mix cocktails and taste different local drinks. Can be booked with alcohol and as non-alcoholic. A fun and different activity before dinner.


Slowly gliding on the water in Kalmar Strait and enjoying the peace and quiet is a total nature experience. Do not be surprised if a seal appears in the water when you paddle among the islands in the Värnanäs archipelago.

The canoes are rented out in collaboration with Södermöre Scoutkår and must be pre-booked well in advance.

Walking trail with ancient monuments, cult houses & a well

In the forest between Stufvenäs and the main road, there is a walking trail with several ancient monuments from the Bronze and Iron Ages. Here is Stufvenäs well which was once a well for sacrifice. Right next to the well is a so-called cult house, a stone-enclosed cemetery from the Bronze Age, a little further away are two huge stones.

In the area, there are also referee rings and much more, but of a less prominent format. South of Stufvenäs is Blå Rör, the area’s most powerful mound of stones fråom the Bronze Age.

Close to Stufvenäs


The Nature reserve Örarevet is with its unique variety of vegetation and bird life a beautiful place to experience. Hike all the way to the tip of the headland called Stufvenäsören and see Garpen’s Lighthouse on the horizon.
Along the trail on Örarevet, there are places where you can have a picnic.  You can buy coffee and sandwiches from our restaurant.

Farm shop tour

Visit farm shops, cafés, and food producers in our local area. Several of them deliver their quality products to our kitchen. There are more farm shops in Södermöre, but this is our proposal for a nice tour where you can buy different flavors and products from our part of Småland and Sweden.

Fulvik's beach

Fulvik’s beach offers a shallow and lovely sandy beach, only a ten-minute walk from Stufvenäs. Nice for a swim on hot days.


If you like hiking we recommend you the trails  Torsåsleden and Kalmarsundsleden that pass outside us. We have picnic backpacks you can buy in the restaurant to take with you on the hike.

English Park

A few kilometers north by car from Stufvenäs is Värnanäs Estate, one of Småland’s larger properties with modern farming and broiler production.

Here is the English Park which is one of the few left in Sweden. Feel free to take a walk in the beautiful park and look at the beautiful Chinese gazebo and hermitage.


The old shipyard community Ekenäs (about 8 kilometers by car from Stufvenäs) is a popular destination. There is a beach and a beautiful harbor.  Ekenäs Bakery by the beach has opened some days every week in summer.


Take the opportunity to play padel when you visit us. We collaborate with several padel courts in our area. Bergkvara Padel och Torsås Padel offer indoor courses and Möre GK has outdoor courses. We help you book a course!


Play golf at Möre Golf Club, next to Kalmar Strait and between the deepest forest of Småland and Öland’s Alvar.  The golf club with its nice 18-hole course is only 3 kilometers from us and has a good location which means that the course is open most of the year.


Wellbeing tour in Torsås and Södermöre is a sustainable and peaceful tour with carefully and consciously selected places to visit, activities, and experiences that contribute to you, the environment, and the local community.

Places to visit near by Stufvenäs

Torsås - from the sea to the forest

In Torsås, you will find peace and quiet with time for reflection and recovery. Holidays in Torsås mean beautiful nature, wonderful swimming, and a feeling that everything is for real.

Here is something for everyone. Biking, swimming, horse riding, canoeing, camping, golfing, or simply doing nothing. Taste, breathe, and experience both the sea and the forest, not to mention the open meadows where the vegetation flourishes. Welcome to the genuine Småland and Torsås!

Kalmar - coast, history & events

Do you want to alternate wonderful trips in nature with a day in town? Then Kalmar is perfect. Here you can start the day by visiting a museum, then eat a good lunch and still have time for the beach.

In Kalmar, you feel the wings of history almost wherever you are. There are always many exciting exhibitions to see, both in the destinations and in the smaller art galleries. Do not miss to visit the fantastic Kalmar Castle.

Öland - the island of the sun and the winds

Whether you are here for the first time or a regular guest, resident, or just cray about Öland in general. Here is something for you who want to take advantage of time, enjoy life, experience nature and culture, have an active holiday, or just listen to the waves crashing against the beach.

Glasriket - the kingdom of glass

Småländska Glasriket has created magic since 1742. The unique art glass is famous all over the world and the craft is found in many Swedish homes. Here you meet the craftsmen and artists. If you want you can step into the cabin and take part in the work.

Karlskrona - in the middle of the archipelago

Just a few miles from Stufvenäs is the archipelago city of Karlskrona. The city’s naval base, architecture, and city plan impressed Unesco, which gave the city World Heritage status in 1998. Beautiful churches, magnificent squares, parade streets, and fortifications attract visitors from all over the world.

Småland - Sweden for real

Småland is forests, meadows, pastures, and sparkling water. The forests are miles wide and invite hiking, mushroom, and berry picking. Here you can experience absolute silence, only interrupted by the chirping of birds and possibly the trampling of the king of the forest – the moose. This is where Emil in Lönneberga and the Bullerby children lived their lives in Astrid Lindgren’s books. The red cottages and pastures look just like them. For those of you who appreciate the good life, there are real ingredients to enjoy, grown in the Småland soil with love and knowledge. Green asparagus, red strawberries, brown beans, and orange pumpkin. Follow the season and enjoy the delicacies that belong to the season. Celebrate the Swedish holidays with us and experience the real and honest Småland. The national dishes include cheesecake and ice cream. In the forests, the red gold grows and krösamos is a must on the dining table.