Visit our lovely

Café Brygghuset

Enjoy the summer in our garden with some nice music, good coffee, homemade sandwiches and swedish fika. We also have ice cream and other localy produced products from our neighbourhood in our summer café!

Stufvenäs has a long and exciting history. In the old brewery house that stands in the front of our garden, we have a summer café aptly named Café Brygghuset. In the mid-20th century, several buildings at Stufvenäs burned down in a lightning strike. Left standing were the main building and the brewery house. The brewery house was used as a utility kitchen. Here, they washed, prepared the slaughtered pig, boiled “pig potatoes” (potatoes for pig feed), and baked in the oven. Since the brewery house at Stufvenäs is older than 1855, it is certain that brewing took place here, and it is highly likely that the still for making spirits was located here. Home distillation was banned in 1855. Now, the brewery house offers a relaxing hangout with jazzy tunes, either in our garden or indoors. Here you will find our talented kitchen team’s pastries and delicacies under our own quality mark “Made by Stufvenäs”. We have also carefully and lovingly selected some of the best products from local producers, which we call “Close by Stufvenäs”. Our Småland natural coffee roasted by Balck Coffee in Kalmar, refreshing ice creams from Grenna Glass, fudge and caramels from the Confectionery Factory, our own wonderful pralines, and absolutely fantastic pastries, waffles, cheesecake, and marmalades packaged in a unique environment make this one of the best summer destinations. We offer you an experience for all senses! Café Brygghuset is open from June 23 to August 11, every day from 11 AM to 5 PM. If you’re craving a snack at other times, there is always coffee and cake available in the inn. Warm welcome!