Environmental work

Our environmental and sustainability strategy

We contribute to poverty reduction both locally, nationally, and internationally by donating the surplus from an event at least once a year to an organization that fights poverty, such as Shelterbox or the City Mission.

We are happy to help those who are having difficulty in our immediate vicinity. We donate all leftovers from our Christmas dinner to those who arrange Christmas celebrations for the lonely and socially disadvantaged. We work to reduce food waste and shop as much as we can locally.

We work daily to spread the message to our guests and employees about the importance of good health and well-being. With us, we have also created the environment to be able to focus on the individual’s health. We want sustainable employees over time. Our employees receive a fitness allowance.

Our goal is to be an attractive workplace where our employees have the opportunity for development through increased skills both internally and externally.

In our organization, everyone has the right to speak regardless of position. We strive for our team to have an equal distribution between women and men of different ages.

We have our own water well, but urge our guests to use water with caution to protect our common groundwater. We are “Kranmärkta”, which means that we only serve tap water to our guests.

We have geothermal heat for heating and hot water, as well as charging ports for electric cars.

We want to be Sweden’s best workplace! With freedom under responsibility, sensitivity, communication, and a decent salary, we together create good growth. We follow HRF Visita’s agreement.

We are constantly striving to find new solutions, more sustainable ways of working, and better suppliers to make our business more environmentally friendly.

With us, everyone is equal, both guests and employees. We make no distinction between gender, ethnicity, age, or background. Here, everyone is treated equally and with respect, whether you are a king, foreigner, child, or farmer.

For us, living countryside is important. A countryside where companies like us can grow and prosper in a sustainable way.

We use as few disposable items as possible. We have chosen an eco-friendly skincare series in the Spa and in the hotel rooms.

We stand for marketing vacation at home. We work to become such a popular destination that our guests choose to holiday in Sweden instead of flying abroad.

As neighbors to Kalmar Strait and the Baltic Sea, we are clearly reminded of how bad our seas are. This makes us even more aware of making the right choice. Everything from buying fish to our menus in the restaurant to opting out of plastic products.

A functioning ecosystem in our nature is necessary for our existence. That is why we buy our raw materials based on season and preferably from organic producers. We have bees to promote pollination, biodiversity, Swedish honey, and providing food.

We stand for equal value for everyone, regardless of skin color, religion, sexual orientation, or descent. If everyone accepts each other despite our differences, the world will be a much more peaceful and glorious place to live.

We choose suppliers with environmental certification. To be alone is not strong. Not even sometimes. Together we must change the world, the climate, and the way we live. With joint efforts, we can achieve the goals.

We want to change. Do you?