Relaxation in contrasts in Småland, close to Blekinge and Öland.

Stufvenäs Spa next to Kalmarsund

There are contrasts and opposites we experience in the world. It is thanks to the noise of everyday life that we find peace in harmony. It is the past and the future that makes us enjoy the present. Like the morning sun’s heat after a chilly night. Like the relaxation from tense muscles. Like sudden and happy laughter, far away from a stressful everyday life. Here at Stufvenäs, we have built a facility for contrasts. A spa where Blekinge, Småland, Öland, and the whole of Sweden meet to enjoy extremes. A relaxation area in the middle of stressful weekdays. A modern spa facility in south of Sweden and in the middle of Kalmar’s restful nature. A nearby oasis to unwind.

Luxurious treatments for the whole body

If you would like to treat yourself, or somebody you know, to some extra luxury, we have a great selection of fantastic treatments for face, foot or body to choose from. Our certified therapists offer top-to-toe treatments. We use products from Thailon.

Enjoy the silence and warmth

Here you will get to, in peace and quiet, experience our 35 and 38 degrees hot pools. Wake your body up to life again by switching baths in the steam sauna, dry sauna, and cold showers. During the stay, there is access to fresh fruits, organic tea, and water.

Day Spa

Our different day spa packages give you the opportunity to both relax at Stufvenäs Spa and enjoy a tasteful experience in our restaurant. There exist combinations with both breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

Give your baby the opportunity to gain confidence in the water early on

We offer baby swimming school for kids from four months old and upwards. We have a trained instructor that makes sure that you will get a cozy and secure experience together with your child at our warm pools.

Sustainable water

Our Spa’s water is sustainable! This means that we take a stand for a better environment by serving and drinking fresh, healthy and locally produced tap water from our own well instead of packaged water.

Opening hours


Monday - Thursday 9 am to 7 pm
Friday - Sunday 9 am to 11 pm

Baby Swim

Tuesday - Wednesday 9 am to 1 pm