Not only a conference

Start-up, new start, takeoff, restart or kickoff?

You can call it what you want, but we have chosen to call it Meet & Joy. We care about you, the meeting, and nature. That’s why we make sure to create the best possible conditions for your meeting, regardless of whether it’s in the conference room or out in nature.

We have a really good offer for those of you who care about and plan for a successful conference.

After Business

With us, there is a lot to do after a day of meetings. Both for those who want to activate their thoughts and for those who prefer to relax either in the spa or in one of our lounges.
Se & Göra

Drinks from Småland

A unique Småland drinking experience together with colleagues in our outdoor bar by Kalmarsund. Here you can mix drinks and taste different local beverages. Can be booked with or without alcohol. A fun and different activity before dinner.

Harmony of contrasts

It is in contrasts and opposites that we experience the world. It is thanks to the noise of everyday life that we find peace in harmony. It is past and future that make us appreciate the present.

Like the warmth of the morning sun after a chilly night. Like the relaxation from tense muscles. Like sudden and happy laughter, far away from a stressful everyday life.

At Stufvenäs, we have built a facility for contrasts. A spa where Blekinge, Småland, Öland and all of Sweden gather to enjoy extremes.

A relaxation area in the middle of everyday life. A modern spa facility in the middle of Kalmar's peaceful nature. A nearby oasis to disconnect.

Curious about our meeting rooms?

Large, medium and small. Modern technology and inspiring environment.

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Would you like more?

For those who want a little extra luxury, we can offer wine tasting in our historic wine cellar, activities, or organize a large gala dinner in the fantastic Stufvenässalen or why not a different dining experience.

What's included?

We have made it easy for you, almost everything you need is included.

Choose if you want to have coffee inside or have coffee packed in a backpack if you want to start or end the conference with a Walk & Talk in our scenic surroundings.

Only 1890 SEK per person excl. VAT

The offer is valid when you book your conference 2023.

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