The Edible & Drinkable Country​

at Stufvenäs Gästgifveri

Welcome to a drinking and dining experience under the oaks. Here you can try local and "småländska" delicacies together with our talented chefs or bartenders.

Taking a seat at this very special table, you’ll find yourself right next to the glittering Kalmar Strait, dining under prestigious oak trees.

Just a short distance from Stufvenäs Country Hotel, the table is set in both a scenic and historic setting. With the sea in sight and one of Sweden’s largest oak trees nearby, you’ll be accompanied by the seabirds’ song and the whisper of the reeds. Taste the flavors of the county of Småland whilst walking among windswept juniper bushes and blooming sloe bushes.

Smålands second largest oak tree

Take a walk and experience the magnificent Stufvenäs Oak tree, which is approximately 800 years old. According to the County Administrative Board, the oak is Småland’s second largest and Sweden’s third largest, with a circumference of 9.7 meters.

The path to the oak tree winds through the beautiful broadleaf forest and passes several different tree species on the way. There are benches along the path to be able to sit down and enjoy nature for a while.


Planted in the 17th century

Several oaks in this area were planted in the 17th century when the Swedish king Gustaf II Adolf issued a gift letter to the crown tenant Stufvenäs to the industrial pioneer Johan Glauwe, who a few years earlier founded Småland’s second glasswork, just a few kilometres away.

Glauwe needed Stufvenäs deciduous forests for firewood and the burning of potash for the glassworks.

Material for beautiful ships

In the 17th century Stufvenäs belonged to the owners of the Värnanäs Estate, located a few kilometres up north. A shipyard was located there at the time, and this is where the fast sailing full-rigged vessel Octavia was built.

Surely some of these noble oaks turned into materials for beautiful ships.

Experience the taste of Småland

By the sea and forest

Taste Stufvenäs, Södermöre, Småland, and Sweden through a different and unique meal and drink experience in one of Sweden’s most beautiful places.

Over an open fire, the chef prepares Småland specialties from locally produced ingredients. Depending on the season, herbs, fir shoots, birch leaves, mushrooms, lingonberries, rose hips, and nettles are picked and prepared from the forest’s pantry.

Book the table and the bar for a Småland drinking experience. The experience is booked with one of our skilled bartenders who mix drinks together with you on various Småland and maybe a little Bleking drinks, with or without alcohol.

Welcome to enjoy a historical and culinary nature experience!

How it works



Book your seats at the table and choose your experience.


Once you’ve made a reservation you will receive an email from your local contact about the experience and how to book add-ons like accommodations.

Why book the experience with chef?

Cooking and fixing drinks together in nature is a fun and rewarding experience. It can also be a bit of a challenge! That’s why one of our chefs, bartenders, and guides accompanies you on your Småland experience. It makes it more relaxed and gives you the chance to learn more about the place and its flavors.


Booking of this unique Småland experience is possible

from 2d of May to 30th September 2023.

for 4-12 people and it can only be booked by one party at a time.

  1. The booking is valid from 12 noon to 8 pm.
  2. You decide what time you want to come and meet the guide at that time at the reception.
  3. The table is about a 10-minute walk from reception. Toilet visits must be made at the hotel.
  4. The guide adapts the hike to the group and takes about 30-45 minutes.
  1. Remember to dress according to the weather.
  2. Cancellations free of charge must be made no later than seven days before arrival. Please note that Stufvenäs Country Hotel has the right to cancel your reservation, if, for example, there is a risk of extreme weather.
  3. If a prohibition on lightning fires should be in force for the area, the guest will be contacted by Stufvenäs Country Hotel with the following options:
    1. Cooking is done indoors but the meal is served at the table in nature.
    2. Cooking on a fire is replaced with a cold dish.
    3. If the guest wishes, the experience can be cancelled.

A unique Småland experience under the oaks

Book our Småland drinking and dining experience together with your friends, colleagues or family. You can book it as two different experiences or a mix of both:

meal experience with chef

Together with one of our guides, you go on a hike in our historic and scenic coastal environment. On the walk, you will learn more about the history of the place and about different plants that are edible in nature.

At the set table under the oaks right by the sea, one of Stufvenäs’ talented chefs will be waiting to prepare your dinner on the spot over an open fire.

The menu consists of several different dishes and is inspired by traditional Småland home cooking based on seasonal ingredients.

Price 2995 SEK/person

(Can only be booked for at least 4 persons)

drink experience with bartender

You go with us to the bar. On the way, you will learn more about Stufvenä’s exciting history and which plants are found in nature and can be used in the drink.

On-site at the outdoor bar, together with our skilled bartender, you can mix Småland drinks with local drinks and spirits.

A unique experience that fits perfectly before dinner in the restaurant or at the table.

Price 895 SEK/person

(Can only be booked for at least 4 persons)

Book the table or the open-air bar

The table booking comes with several options. Getting there is easy. You can get quite close by car. However, we recommend to go for a lovely walk down to the table. You will get a better experience of nature this way.

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By train or bus

From Kalmar railway station you take bus with number 121 to Bergkvara. We have our own bus stop called Stuvenäs. Then it is a 10-minute walk from the road to us.