Day Spa at Stufvenäs

Take a moment for yourself with a day spa at Stufvenäs. Let yourself find peace - Our day spa is waiting.

Experience a completely unique day spa near Kalmar strait. An oasis of relaxation that gives you the best out of our spa facility. Even if you don’t stay overnight. With the proximity to Kalmar, Blekinge, Småland, and Öland, a day of treatment, peace, and care for oneself are never far away.

Stufvenäs day spa usually has an age limit of 13 years of age, to keep the peace you deserve even during a short visit. On school holidays, however, there is a chance to book a family spa, where the whole family can relax in the morning.

All times day spa

Choose a day spa package that suits you – there are combinations with both breakfast, lunch, and dinner. All so that you can find a time to get away and give yourself the moment of peace you need. Do you feel like a quiet breakfast with a view of Kalmarsund? Do you want to arrive a little later, and eat the east coast’s best lunch buffet with local ingredients? Maybe just get away on a Saturday with someone you care about? We have the packages that give you the day spa experience you imagined and longed for. On Thursdays, we also have Senior Spa, where we reserve our spa facility for those who are sixty plus. You get entrance to our spa, lunch with coffee afterwards, and much more – everything you need for a relaxing stay.
Enjoy Summer can be booked between 23 June and 11 August from 9 am to 1 pm.

Måndag - Fredag

Dagspa kl 13 – 16, Lunchbuffé kl 12 – 14
A wonderful day spa package deal between 1 pm to 4 pm with lunch, spa entrance, and treatment.


Seniorspa kl 09 – 14, Lunchbuffé kl 12 – 14
Senior Spa for all 60+ on Thursdays


Dagspa kl 09 – 13, Frukostbuffé kl 07 – 09
A wonderful day package between 7 am – 1 pm with breakfast and spa entrance.

Lördag - Söndag

Dagspa kl 09 – 13, Lunchbuffé kl 12 – 15
This includes everything you need for a luxurious Saturday or Sunday at the spa.
Give yourself or somebody you care about a perfect and relaxing ending to the week.
Treat yourself to a day at the spa for complete relaxation.

Opening hours


Monday - Thursday 9 am to 7 pm
Friday - Sunday 9 am to 11 pm

Baby Swim

Tuesday - Wednesday 9 am to 1 pm