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Wine cellar

Welcome to Stufvenäs Wine cellar. A nationally recognized wine cellar built in 1990 by the hotel's founder Sigvard Johansson.

For 17 years, Sigvard built up this treasure. The wine cellar ultimately consisted of nearly 6,000 bottles with a market value in today’s price levels of approximately SEK 30,000,000. At that time you could find rarities such as Chateau Lafite-Rothschild from 1900, Chateau Pétrus from 1949 and Chateau Margaux from 1878.

The cellar has also been awarded with a diploma for Sweden’s most prominent restaurant wine list by the Swedish Wine Academy in the year 1997, and the prize as “Wine list of the year” from Munskänkarna in the year 2004. The wine cellar has received several awards over the years, such as Wine Spectator’s Best Award of Excellence 11 times between the years 1995-2006.

In September 2007, a burglary took place in the wine cellar and all bottles of value were stolen. A great reward has been given to the person who can provide valuable information. But no one has been convicted or arrested for the crime.

Now we want to recreate a wine list that interests and attracts, and at the same time increase the accessibility for our guests who want to experience a fantastic wine cellar filled with history and really good wines. In 2022 our wine list has received Wine Spectator’s Best of Award of Excellence again and in 2020 the prize with the highest form of recognition from Munskänkarna, which we see as a step in the right direction. In 2022 we also get listed on Star Wine List.

Wine tasting

Keep an eye out for our open wine tastings together with one of our talented sommelier.

Cocktails from Småland

A unique experience together with friends, colleagues or family in our outdoor bar at Kalmar Strait. Here you can mix cocktails and taste different local drinks. Can be booked with alcohol and as non-alcoholic. A fun and different activity before dinner.