Opening evening of our Christmas Dinner

15 November

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15 November

Friday the 15th of November at 6 pm it is finally time for us to invite to the opening evening of our Småland and traditional Christmas Dinner at Kalmarsund. When the winter darkness sets in, it is an experience to be greeted by Stufvenäs Gästgifveri with a Christmas Dinner that takes responsibility for the food craft and history. We set up a classic Christmas Dinner with Småland delicacies in a Christmas-decorated house with lit candles and crackling fires.

Most of all the Christmas delicacies that crowd our classic Christmas Dinner are prepared in our kitchen. All classic favorites such as Christmas ham, Jansson’s Frestelse, meatballs, herring and pickled flounder are “Made by Stufvenäs”.

With both courage and love for the ingredients, the chefs create new flavors from traditional Christmas recipes. Desserts, Christmas sweets and homemade schnapps. Everything with the stamp “Made by Stufvenäs”. We also like to buy as much locally produced as we can and label it with “Close by Stufvenäs”. Our own quality label of locally produced food that we have handpicked to create the best dining experience for you.

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