Sweden's most natural meeting place?

So much more than just conference

Here at Stufvenäs, there are all opportunities to create an energetic and creative conference, meeting, or kickoff. Inside and outside. Here are good premises, good food, good coffee, comfortable beds, and conference activities to brighten up the day. You can do most activities on your own and plan them after or during the conference.
Our skilled staff at the reception are happy to help you book,
answer questions and customize so your stay will be the best!

Stufvenäs Oak tree

Take a walk and experience the magnificent Stufvenäs oak tree which is about 800 years old. According to the County Administrative Board, the oak is Småland’s second largest with a perimeter of 9.7 meters. The path to the oak winds its way through the beautiful forest and passes several different tree species along the way. The path is equipped with benches to be able to sit down and enjoy nature for a little while.

Forest Biking

In the forests around Stufvenäs, there are several paths and forest roads that are great for cycling. If you want to try mountain biking, we have a good collaboration with MTB Södermöre which has nice trails in the area.

We have maps of the area but you need to bring the bikes yourself!


Slowly sliding on the water in Kalmar strait and enjoying the peace and quiet is an extraordinary experience. Do not be surprised if a seal appears in the water to greet you when you paddle among the islands in the Värnanäs archipelago.

The activity must be pre-booked well in advance. A maximum of 10 people can paddle at the same time.

Price 2,750 SEK excluding VAT

The price includes a map, 5 canoes, paddles, and life jackets, as well as a short overview of how to paddle a canoe.

Stufvenäs Spa

Unwind after the conference with a nice relaxing time at the spa before dinner. There are pools, a relax, and saunas.

Entry to the spa is free for our overnight staying conference guests subject to availability.

Feel free to book a treatment with one of our skilled spa therapists.

Stufvenäs Wine cellar

Welcome down to After Business in our cozy wine cellar with its unique history and a solid wine list. Here you can enjoy a good glass of wine before dinner.

Or book a wine tasting with one of our talented sommeliers. We can offer the following tests:

    We try four wines in expected and unexpected taste combinations with different snacks.
    Our sommelier decides on wines based on the theme you have chosen. Choose between France, Italy, or Sparkling & Champagne

Price 3,960 SEK excluding VAT for 1-10 people, participants in addition 396 SEK per person.

The edible country

A different Småland and tasty dining experience in nature. Together with one of our talented chefs, you cook, listen to stories about Stufvenäs and discover things that can be eaten in the forest.

Price 2,396 SEK excluding VAT per person

Can be booked by groups of 4-12 people. The price only includes light drinks. But you can choose another beverage package.

Cocktails from Småland

A unique Småland drinking experience together with friends, colleagues, or family in our outdoor bar at Kalmar strait. Here you can mix drinks and taste different local drinks. Can be booked both with alcohol and as non-alcoholic. A fun and different activity before dinner.

Price 3,960 SEK excluding VAT for 1-10 people, participants in addition 396 SEK per person.


Möre GK’s nice 18 hole course is only 3 km from us. Play great golf and finish with an After Golf in our restaurant. We have cooperation with more golf courses if you want to play several different courses during your stay with us.

Nature Workout

Simple and functional training, inspired by different forms of training, outdoors and with nature as a tool. A training that is easy to adapt to your own form and that suits all ages with both strength and fitness. The session is about 60 minutes. Price 1,000 SEK excluding VAT for 1-10 people, participants in addition 50 SEK per person.

Walk & talk

Stufvenäs is located in a scenic and historic area with several different hiking trails. Perfect for a hike or a group meeting on foot. If you want to have your coffee or lunch with you on your trip, we will arrange it.

Nature Trail

Our nature trail is 1.6 km and has a quiz you can solve on the way. We can also switch to your own questions or physical exercises for the quicker group.

We have reflective vests and headlamps for you to borrow, so do not let the darkness stop you.

Price 500 SEK excluding VAT to swap one of our quizzes or physiotherapy exercises or 1,000 SEK excluding VAT for swapping and printing/lamination of your own quiz.

Fulvik's beach

During the warmer season, it can be nice to end the meeting day with a bath in Kalmar strait. Fulvik’s bathing area is only a 10 minute walk from Stufvenäs and offers shallow and lovely sandy beaches.

Seal safari

Hike to Gransö and look for seals. Outside Stufvenäs is Värnanäs seal protection area which extends over skerries and shallows a couple of km out. Here is the largest population of harbor seals in the entire Baltic Sea.

The code hunt

15 codes are hidden in various places in Stufvenäs’ beautiful surroundings. The first code at the reception shows the next place you have to find, when you find the next code it shows you a new place. So you continue until you have visited all 15 locations. The code hunt is just under two kilometers and ends directly adjacent to the inn.

The code hunt is a fun activity, which you carry out on your own, where you get to work in teams and use your cooperation skills.

Price SEK 4,995 excluding VAT.

Cooking lesson

Cook your three-course dinner with our chefs in the restaurant kitchen. A fun and educational moment that welds the group together.

Price 3,950 SEK excluding VAT for 1-10 people, participants in addition 395 SEK per person.

In addition to the activity, the course includes one chef’s apron per person. The price of the dinner per person will be added.

Musical entertainment


A music competition that requires nothing more than a good mood. Here we have seen the shyest shy sing solo after just a few minutes. At a high pace, Ulf “Bitte” Appelqvist takes care of you and gives you a musical journey with music from all possible genres.

Request for a quotation!

Photo Challenge

A fun activity where the team is tasked with using QR codes to find places on Stufvenäs and take a picture of themselves at the place. The pictures are presented in a common messenger group and you score the pictures together afterward, as well as discuss the ability to cooperate and the approach in the different groups.

You complete the activity on your own with the help of the instructions we provide.

Price SEK 1,495 excluding VAT.


Together with Bergkvara Padel, we can offer you a guaranteed sweaty and fun activity in the padel hall. Americano tournament, beginner lesson, or own game. We adapt and customize the activity to your wishes. The Americano tournament is suitable for 8-12 people. Price 1,690 SEK excluding VAT. The price includes a 30-minute review of rules and a loan of racks and balls.

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