LashLift with keratin treatment is a fantastic treatment where we permanently bend your natural lashes. It will be a natural and striking result. Maybe you are tired of applying mascara every day? Then this treatment is perfect for you. The treatment includes staining of lashes.

The keratin adds antioxidants, minerals, nutrients and moisture that strengthens the lashes and makes the hairs fuller & stronger and contributes to the lashes growing faster.

LashLift lasts about 6-8 weeks depending on how fast the natural growth cycle works. We send with a care schedule where you get good information on how to keep your lashes nice.

We use a brand called By Bexter. Professional products by Elisabeth Bexter who is a leader in LashLift & BrowLift. The products have not been tested on animals and are both organic and vegan.

To think about before treatment. It is not appropriate to color lashes and eyebrows in connection with eczema. If you use lenses, you should remove them before treatment for lash staining.

70 min


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