The Edible Country

at Stufvenäs Country Hotel

Soon the reservation is open.

We would like to welcome you to take a seat at a very special table, under the oak trees and right next to the glittering Kalmar Strait.

A short distance from Stufvenäs country hotel you will find this table, set on a scenic and historic land.

Here, right by the sea, underneath one of the most beautiful oak trees, among windswept juniper bushes and blooming sloe bushes, and with only the sky above you, you will sit down and enjoy the flavours of the county of Småland.

Accompanied only by the sea breeze, the seabirds’ song and the whisper of the reed.

Sweden's second largest oak tree.

Not far from this special table you will find the Stufvenäs Oak, which according to the County Administrative Board is Sweden’s second largest oak tree with a perimeter of 9.7 meters. This oak is about 700-800 years old and also the home for some badgers, so keep your eyes open…


Planted in the 16th century

Several oaks in this area were planted in the 17th century when the Swedish king Gustaf II Adolf issued a gift letter to the crown tenant Stufvenäs to the industrial pioneer Johan Glawue, who a few years earlier founded Småland’s second glasswork, just a few kilometres away. Glauwe needed Stufvenäs deciduous forests for firewood and the burning of potash for the glassworks.

Materials for beautiful ships

In the 16th century Stufvenäs belonged to the owners of the Värnanäs Estate, located a few kilometres up north. A shipyard was located there at the time, and this is where the fast sailing full-rigged vessel Octavia was built. Surely some of these noble oaks turned into materials for beautiful ships.

Coming soon.

It is possible to book this special table between May and September.

There is space for a maximum of 12 people around the table and it can only be booked by one company at a time.

The table booking comes with several options. Getting there is easy. You can get quite close by car. However, we recommend to go for a lovely walk down to the table. You will get a better experience of nature this way.

Do you want to know when we realease the bookings?

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Would you like to know when we release the bookings?