Spa next to Kalmar Strait

Experience, enjoy and relax at our

Spa next to Kalmar Strait

At Stufvenäs Spa, next to Kalmar Strait, you can relax and enjoy two hot baths, 35 and 38 degrees, a steam sauna, a dry sauna, an infra heated sauna and massage chairs. You borrow your bathrobe, slippers and towel from us. During your stay you will have fresh fruit, tea and water available to you. Why not book one of our fantastic spa treatments?

If you are looking to enjoy a more extensive spa experience, we offer a variety of different spa package deals that will turn into an amazing spa weekend. We are located in between Småland’s primeval forests near the city of Växjö and Öland’s barren landscape, right next to the beautiful coast and with a magical view of Kalmar Strait.

Luxurious treatments for the whole body

If you would like to treat yourself, or somebody you know, to some extra luxury, we have a great selection of fantastic treatments for face, foot or body to choose from. Our certified therapists offer top-to-toe treatments. We use products from Thailon.

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Enjoy the tranquillity and warmth

You will be able to enjoy both our 35 and 38 degree hot pools in peace and quiet. Bring your body to life by using the steam sauna, the dry sauna, the infra heated sauna and alternate the heat with taking a cold shower. We will offer you some fresh fruit and organic tea.

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Day Spa

Our many options of day spa package deals will give you the chance to relax in the Stufvenäs Spa and also get a tasteful experience in our restaurant. There are different combinations to choose from, including breakfast, lunch and dinner.

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Give your baby the opportunity to gain confidence in the water

We offer infant swimming/swimming lessons for children aged 4 months and older. We have a certified teacher who will make sure you get a nice and safe experience with your child in our warm pools.

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Sustainable water

Our Spa is labelled as sustainable! This means that we work for a better environment by serving and drinking fresh, healthy and locally produced tap water from our own well, instead of using bottled water.

No bottles mean no plastic waste, no transport and no emissions!

We have been rewarded with the national sustainability label because our business chooses to use tap water instead of bottled water.

Opening hours

The Spa

Tuesday - Friday 10am - 7pm
Saturday 9am - 7pm
Sunday 9am - 1pm

Infant swimming

Monday 9am - 3pm
Tuesday 9am - Noon

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