Sunshine stories to remember

Summer for all senses

Your senses are always on. All around the clock, all year round. Everything you experience becomes your reality, and your experiences become your stories. We want to give you a summer experience that not only becomes noise in the background but something that settles in the stomach and memory.

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Summer Package for all your senses

Let your senses experience all that summer has to offer; the aroma of lunch on fresh, local ingredients prepared by the best chefs on the coast. The feeling of warmth and relaxation in our Spa area. The tastes of drinks from all corners of the world.

Experience "hemester"

Summer Package

A stay of 1 night.

Stufvenäs Hemester

A stay of 4 nights.

Stufvenäs Svemester

A stay of 6 nights.


Celebrate the highlight of the summer with us! Expect tasty herring, strawberry cake, and midsummer dancing to live music.

Stufvenäs Padel Package Deal

Padel, Spa, and dinner. A perfect package for everybody that likes both relaxation and activity.

Stay’n’Play Golf Package Deal

Play great golf at Möre Golf Club and end the day with an “After Golf” on our terrace before three courses, accommodation, and breakfast buffet!

Experiences in nature

The Edible Country

Welcome to a different dining experience directly in nature with Småland ingredients in focus. Cook dinner on your own or have a unique taste experience with one of our talented chefs.

Outdoor Package Deal

Experience the chirping of birds in the peace of the forest on beautiful trails for biking och hiking. If you want to try mountain biking, we have a good collaboration with Södermöre MTB, who has nice trails in the area.

The package also includes a three-course, accommodation, and breakfast buffet!

Summer experiences for all senses

Stufvenäs has a lot to offer and here you get rich in nature experiences. With the chirping of birds and harmony right outside the door – there are activities for all the senses and weather, worth longing for.

Café Brygghuset

Enjoy the summer and jazzy tones in our garden or indoors in our café. Here you will find our talented kitchen team’s pastries and delicacies marked with our own quality label “Made by Stufvenäs”.

Open from 26th of June to 14th of August, every day from 11 am to 5 pm.

Nature Workout

Join us for a workout in nature and kickstart your body in the morning before the day’s activities start.

Monday-Sunday from 08.15-09.00 we have a training session that is 45 minutes and a mixture of workout, circle training, and strength. The workout is outdoors with nature and your own body as a tool. Clothes after weather. The session is led by our skilled spa therapists and no previous knowledge is required.

The pass is free for hotel guests and must be pre-booked no later than 6 pm the day before.

Weekday activities

Every day throughout the summer, we have activities for all the senses. Everything from sweating in the woods to getting a taste experience of an exciting wine on wine tasting with one of our talented sommelier. Or why not take a dip in the pool and then end the evening on the balcony of our cocktail lounge.

Fulvik's beach

Fulvik’s beach offers a shallow and lovely sandy beach, only a ten-minute walk from Stufvenäs. Nice for a swim on hot days.

Seal safari

In Kalmar Strait just outside of Stufvenäs is the Värnanäs seal protection area. Here is the largest population of harbor seals in the entire Baltic Sea. Hike the Kalmarsund Trail about 4 km north to Gransö and look for seals on your own.

Nature Trail

Our Nature Trail is 1.6 kilometres and has a tricky quiz you can solve on your way. Sometimes there are workout exercises on the poles.


The Nature reserve Örarevet is with its unique variety of vegetation and bird life a beautiful place to experience. Hike all the way to the tip of the headland called Stufvenäsören and see Garpen’s Lighthouse on the horizon.
Along the trail on Örarevet, there are places where you can have a picnic.  You can buy coffee and sandwiches from our restaurant.

Stufvenäs Oak tree

Take a walk and experience the magnificent Stufvenäs Oak tree which is about 800 years old. According to the County Administrative Board, the oak is Småland’s second-largest with a perimeter of 9.7 meters.

The path to the oak winds its way through the beautiful deciduous forest and passes several different tree species along the way. There are benches along the path where you can sit down and enjoy nature for a while.

The sound of a summer experience

Birds chirping, gravel crackling under your shoes. How often do you stop and listen to the sounds, really? Take a deep breath and listen to the summer, and inhale the harmony.

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Let us give you a taste of summer!

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Your sunshine story is waiting for you to be written next to Kalmar Strait

Experience a summer for all your senses at Stufvenäs Gästgifveri

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Imagine a story we could create together

The sound of gravel crackling under your tires and birds chirping when you get out of the car.

The tingling in your stomach when the automatic doors welcome you in.

The smell of lunch on fresh, local ingredients prepared by the best chefs on the coast.

The feeling of warmth and relaxation in our Spa area.

The tastes of drinks from all corners of the world.

The sight of an ancient and at the same time living inn.

The perception that time stands still, in the best possible way.

The feeling of coming home, even when you are not at home, with your family or your loved one..