Meet N' Joy

Let 2020 be the best year yet!

Let 2020 be the best year yet!

Start-up, restart, take-off or kick-off? Feel free to call it whatever you would like, but we have chosen to call it Meet n’ Joy. Surely 2020 will be a magical year? From October to February is the best time to get the gang together, to motivate and recharge so that you are ready for the challenges the new year will bring. So, make sure you book with us soon, as we have a fantastic offer for you if you are looking for a really good start in the new year.

Pretty much everything is included

We have made it easy for you, pretty much everything you need is included.
Only 1850 SEK per person excluding VAT.

Would you like more?

If you are looking for some extra luxury, we can also offer wine tasting in our wine cellar, kick-off activities or arrange a gala dinner in the fantastic Berzelius hall.

Perhaps the most natural place to meet in all of Sweden.

It comes natural to us to offer you something home-baked with the conference coffee. The coffee itself is climate compensated and brewed with water from our own well. But to confer and be inspired here, in one of Sweden’s most natural places to meet is absolutely unbeatable, if we may say so ourselves.

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Curious about our facilities?

Big, medium or small. Modern technology and inspiring environment.